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Hair Cut and Finish

Excellence, quality and unique are just a few words I like to describe each hair style experience. Each cut will see a brief consultation to tailor a bespoke style, during which I will take into consideration complex factors such as face shape, skin tone and appearance.

My secret success is hidden in luxury shampoo and conditioners vetted by stylists up and down the country. Upon request I can provide you further advice on home-care and products I offer to satisfy your hair goals.

I can accommodate group styling for a planned event such as weddings, proms, just use the booking link below and follow the instructions.


Blow-drying results derives from technique, leaving your hair feeling healthy, gorgeous with plenty of bounce and luster. Using only the best tools and with plenty experience I am able to shine a whole new experience on blow-drying.
Should you want further advice on home-care products, technique for blow-drying I am here to help.

Be blown away today with a gentle yet professional approach.

  • Hair Colouring


Highlighting is taking your hair to a much lighter colour. I prefer to see pictures of your current colouring and a picture of what you would like.

To get the best out of your colouring I sometimes recommend mixing in tones to break up the colours, giving you a real natural look.



Looking for those gorgeous reds, browns, caramels colouring then low lighting is for you. To give you a full natural look mix in some other toners and be surprised how once session can change your appeal.

I like to see pictures of your current colouring and the colour you would like to go before setting a date.


Colour Appointment

Don't think of this service as I already know what I want, get expert advice before jumping into any colouring. I offer free advice on colouring by exchanging pictures of your current colour vs the colour you want to go to. I want you you to love your hair, so you will receive honest and realistic advice.

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